What sort of proof of English language skills is required for my application?
No formal English language test is required. The application should, however, provide clear evidence of excellent English language skills. Applications should, e.g., be submitted in English.
What do the scholarships cover?
Scholarships cover tuition and registration fees, travel expenses to get to Cape Town, a lump sum to cover livings costs, and the costs for the summer school (flight to Berlin and accommodation). Accommodation in Cape Town must be paid from the lump sum for living costs.
Does the University of the Western Cape offer accommodation for students?
Yes. UWC offers inexpensive accommodation in single or double rooms on and off campus. However, there is no entitlement for students of the programme to a room in a residence as normally the number of applicants is higher than the number of rooms available. For further information click here.
I will complete my undergraduate law degree after the deadline for applications, but before the commencement of the programme. Can I submit my certificate of successful completion of studies later?
Yes. Students who receive their certificate after the deadline should hand it in as soon as possible.
I am a student from a non-African country. Can I also apply for the course? Can I also be awarded a DAAD scholarship?
Non-African students can also apply for the programme and have already been part of the course in the past. Given that the funds come from Aktion Afrika of the German Federal Foreign Office, DAAD scholarships will be awarded only to African students and to a small number of German students. Nevertheless, students who pay their own expenses and students holding scholarships from other sources than DAAD are very welcome to apply as well. We will support students applying for funding from other sources as far as we can.

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