DAAD Scholarships

Out of all applications, up to 15 students are eligible for a scholarship that will cover tuition fees as well as travel and living costs. A seperate application for the scholarship is not necessary.
Please note in this regard that in general the programme is open to applicants from all over the world, however, the DAAD African Excellence initiative is aimed at supporting African students and African universities. Therefore, DAAD scholarships will be awarded to applicants from African countries in first place (an exception can be made for a small number of German applicants). However, students who are not awarded a DAAD scholarship can also be given admission to the programme. These students will have to cover UWC tuition fees and costs for flights and living out of their own pocket or will have to look for sponsorship from other funders than DAAD.
The tuition fees for LLM studies at UWC are currently (2014) at approximately
R 43.570 for students from South Africa or other SADC countries, and
R 65.180 for other African/non-African students.
(Please note that these amounts are subject to change! For up to date information on the exact amounts, please visit the UWC website or contact the university administration)

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