Graduation from studies is not the end of a student’s relationship with his or her university and fellow students. It is important that former students keep abreast of developments in their respective area of studies, and that they maintain contact with other alumni to share experiences and to harness their collective skills for the benefit of a region or a sub-region as a whole. The programme will therefore together with DAAD develop a forum for alumni by organising regular reunions.
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The principal objectives of the alumni programme are:
  • Obtaining feed-back from alumni as to their professional needs that need to be catered for within the curricula;
  • Keeping alumni abreast of the latest developments in their respective fields of professional specialisation;
  • Fostering linkages between alumni and key agencies;
  • Providing alumni with incentives, services and opportunities to become more active members of the alumni association;
  • Connecting alumni with each other and reinforcing connections to partnership universities and the DAAD;
  • Bringing together alumni with key stake holders involved in the criminal justice sector;
  • Establishing alumni chapters in various countries; and
  • Conceptualising ways of fundraising for the purpose of promoting more access to the programme for deserving candidates and for developing the academic resources of the programme even further.

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