Fatuma Mninde-Silungwe (Malawi)
"The Regionalisation of International Criminal Justice in Africa", 2018
(Supervisor: Prof Werle)
Seada Hussein Adem (Ethiopia)
"Palestine and the International Criminal Court", 2018
(Supervisor: Prof Werle)
Robert Mugagga (Uganda)
"Investigating the efficacy of using transitional justice mechanisms to redress gross violations of human rights in a post conflict Uganda", 2017
(Supervisor: Prof Fernandez)
Michael Mukwana (Uganda)
"Self-Referrals to the International Criminal Court (Art. 14 of the Statute of the International Criminal Court): Legal Analysis, Case Studies and Critical Evalutation", 2017
(Supervisor: Prof Werle)
Windell Nortje (South Africa) 
"The Accountability of Child Soldiers for Crimes under International Criminal Law", 2017
(Supervisor: Prof Werle)
Zainabu Mango Diwa (Tanzania)
"Managing the Proceeds of Crime: An Assessment of the Policies of Tanzania, South Africa and Nigeria", 2017
(Supervisor: Prof Koen)
Marshet Tadesse Tessema (Ethiopia)
"Prosecution of Politicide in Ethiopia: The Red Terror Trials", 2016
(Supervisor: Prof Werle)
Jean Phillipo (Malawi) 
"The Forfeiture Regime in Malawi and its Implications for the Combating of Money Laundering", 2016
(Supervisor: Prof Fernandez)
(Supervisor: Prof Werle)
(Supervisor: Prof Werle)
Daniel Leslie (Nigeria)
(Supervisor: Prof Fernandez)
Juliet Okoth (Kenya):            
(Supervisor: Prof Werle)


Brenda Akia (Uganda)
"Criminal Responsibility of Leaders for Sex Crimes under International Law" (working title)
(Supervisor: Prof Werle)
Chiwala Chipeta (Malawi)
"Trials in Absentia in International Criminal Law" (Supervisor: Prof Werle)
Jorum Duri (Zimbabwe)
"Deploying Transitional Justice Mechanisms as Anti-Corruption Tools in Africa"
(Supervisor: Prof Koen)
Nicksoni Filbert (Tanzania)
"Towards a Comprehensive Framework for Combating Trafficking in Persons in Tanzania: Challenges and Prospects" (working title)
(Supervisor: Prof Koen)
Nelly Kamunde (Kenya)
"Corporations in Armed Conflicts: Assessing the Gap in Legal Accountability"
(Supervisor: Prof Werle)
Selemani Kinyunyu (Tanzania)
"Treaty-based Monitoring of Corruption: An International Comparative Assessment in view of the Emerging African Anti-corruption System"
(Supervisor: Prof Fernandez)
Sagwadi Mabunda (South Africa)
"The legal responses to cybercrime: the South African Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Bill"
(Supervisor: Prof Koen)
Bruno Matumbi (Malawi)
"The Symbiosis of International Criminal Prosecution and National Initiatives of Local Justice as Post-Conflict Justice Mechanisms: Reassessing a Possible Middle Ground"
(Supervisor: Prof Fernandez)

Victoria Olaide Ojo (Nigeria)
"The Boko Haram Violence: Nigerian Domestic Legal Framework and International Criminal Law" (Working Title) (Supervisor: Prof Werle)
Thato Rose Toeba (Lesotho)
"Why Anti-Corruption Agencies Fail: Guidelines for Anti-corruption Agencies in Sub-saharan Africa."
(Supervisor: Prof Koen)
Marian Yankson (Ghana)
"The National Reconciliation Commission of Ghana"
(Supervisor: Prof Werle/Dr Vormbaum)

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